BeReal - I can’t see all my memories..

be real for some reason you can't see all of your memory so I'm just browsing here's their help center what they suggest if your memories don't show correctly please write the following completely quit and you open the app and sure you have a strong uh internet signal cellular or Wi-Fi why until you receive the following burial notification tagged and post your burial go to your profile to your memories then if nothing of this works you you can just reach out to their support also the the common issue is that some of the memories can be real are missing uh uh so it's probably because you change your time zone in be real so just for your information if you're changing time zone Imperial app to be real settings it will mess a lot of things up uh okay I'm just like so if you just go here and tap on settings and types it on and for example right now I'll just change my time zone my latest bereal will be deleted so just keep that in mind and use it very intelligently because yeah it will just delete your latest period uh if you haven't changed the time zone and still some of your memories are missing follow the steps below completely quit under open the app and sure you have a strong signal yeah and then just yeah again try out these steps you can always reach out to their support

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