BeReal - if you don't send this photo, you won't be able to take another one

so here it is i'm just trying to post a burial and it says if you don't send this photo you won't be able to take another one and then you can tap send or discard so i don't know why why is that um probably there is some limit of retakes because i was just you know just recording some tutorials and i was just taking be real exiting but not posting and doing it like maybe five times or like seven times and then just exiting the app and not wasting it and probably you can't do it all the time there is like some limit of retakes maybe it's like five retakes or ten retakes and then uh yeah so then i can just post it and there you have it so that's basically the the idea um i don't know if there if there is a limitatory text or something if you have seen this message just leave it in the comments below i'm curious to know what it means

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