BeReal - MAJOR UPDATE - you can now post MULTIPLE BEREALS

B-Real, the social media app that lets you share short, candid video updates with your friends and followers has just released a major update. It's now possible to post multiple B-Reals in a day. This feature is especially useful for users who want to share multiple thoughts or moments in a day, without clogging up their followers' feeds.

To use this new feature, users need to post their first B-Real exactly within the timeframe provided by the app. This means that posting a late B-Real will not allow users to post multiple ones. So, it's essential to be prompt in posting that first update. Once that's done, users will see an icon two places to the left of their most recent post. They can tap on it to add another B-Real.

Before this update, it was not possible to post multiple B-Reals. But, with the new feature, users can tap on the "add" button and add songs and all sorts of settings.

Although it's a simple feature, it could be a gamechanger for B-Real's users. We tried it ourselves following the instructions provided by the app, and it worked seamlessly. So it's safe to assume that users who have been avidly waiting for this new feature are in for a treat.

It's worth noting that all B-Reals saved to a user's memories are still available, but it's unclear if this new feature works the same way. So it's advisable to keep that in mind when posting multiple B-Reals.

B-Real's new update is free, and users won't need to upgrade anything. All they need to do is ensure they post their first B-Real on time, and they can post more intermittently throughout the day without clogging their followers' feeds.

Overall, B-Real's multiple B-Reals feature is a great addition to an already excellent social media app, and we're excited to see what the company will release next.

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