I just was doing this kind of research and some people a report that some members are just not being saved but people need to be real memories is your private archive so if you tap on your profile here's your memories these are basically all your burials Bureau posts saved into this area it's just kind of like your private photo archive it's it's only you who can see it it's not possible to share it with other people or with your friends so it's only available to you because burials just disappear after 24 hours but sometimes it's just nice to keep them available um so there's that but there is some kind of a bug and like you Bureau is very popular app but it's also known for bugs like either you can't upload a burial or like every time like some burials are just not safe to Memories the best thing I could find about it is just people just keep phone screen on unlocked with the app open until the image gets saved I have done that once and it did upload successfully that time so it's a bit longer period it was like 90 days ago when this video is published like three months ago but that's what people are doing uh so after the burial update uh like in during 7 16 22nd after around 5-10 minutes was two days and yesterday be real safe to Memories so what they're suggesting here is basically when you're posting your burial try to keep the app open on at least like few seconds ideally one minute or something uh or uh yeah just don't lock your screen and like done completely lock your phone for that period after you just posted your burial probably there is some server issue or some uh some issue where it's just not being saved so just keep the app open and then double checking the memories if the photo is saved and after that you can close the app and close your phone it's it's like super annoying I guess but that's probably one of the possible fixes for you um so try that at least please leave your suggestions if you if you know like what's what else you can do to fix that because seems recently it's a super annoying bug which which started to reappear now there are less people complaining about Boston Imperial it's much smoother and everything works for a lot of users but this bug is is a new thing Imperial can be pretty annoying but any other way

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