BeReal - NEW FEATURES OVERVIEW - adding music & posting multiple Bonus BeReals

BeReal - NEW FEATURES OVERVIEW - adding music & posting multiple Bonus BeReals

BeReal app has been slowly losing its hype on the top charts, but it's still staying relevant by pushing new and exciting features. In this tutorial, we will explore and discuss the latest features of BeReal to bring back users' interest in the app.

For those who haven't used BeReal yet, it's an iPhone app of the year awardee that aims to be the original Instagram. The app focuses on sharing the real and unfiltered aspects of one's life with close friends. Users receive a notification per day and have two minutes to post an authentic photo update. These updates can be viewed by their friends or the global audience.

Here are the two new major updates on BeReal:

  1. Multiple Posting of Bonus BeReals – This update allows users to post multiple BeReals. However, to access this feature, they have to post their first BeReal on time. If they did, they can post two additional BeReals. These BeReals are called Bonus BeReals and can be viewed like Instagram photos. Users can swipe between the images. Deleting the original BeReal also removes the Bonus BeReals. Changing the audience for the first BeReal will apply to all the Bonus BeReals as well.
  2. Music and Song Integration – BeReal now allows the addition of a song or music to the BeReal post. Users can connect either Apple Music or Spotify, and the app will capture the current song they're playing while posting the BeReal. Alternatively, they can choose to attach a song manually. Users can set the privacy settings of the music added, and it can't be removed once the post is up.

These new features enhance the BeReal experience and enable users to add more dimensions to their updates. The app is still fun and engaging, with people posting their daily activities from work, home, and everywhere in between.

While these new features are exciting, users are still waiting for more to come. BeReal is yet to introduce new additional features that can bring its popularity back and make it stand out from other apps. It's important to note that even with these new features, the core values of BeReal remain the same – keeping it real.

In conclusion, BeReal's new features can help the app keep up with changing trends and attract more users. The integration of music and the ability to post multiple Bonus BeReals is a great addition to the app. BeReal is still a top-rated app, and these new features will undoubtedly make it more exciting and engaging.

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