BeReal quick tutorial hidden features

here is be real app in this tutorial i will try to show you some hidden features probably which you didn't know or didn't understand about burial app this app actually has a lot of like and hideouts and some tricky features which for new users is hard to figure out so here is be real and yeah i guess you already understand how this app works but if you just want to know a bit more here it is like you need to post a picture every day one picture and then you will be able to see your friends here in the app so what will happen if you miss that nothing happens you can pause the light be real even if you miss like few days weeks doesn't matter you can still post it now a lot of people like users are asking like can you post a second picture or something so no no problem there is no need to to post a second picture because if you see i'm posting here and be real automatically captures my selfie or if i post with a front camera it automatically is here but for a lot of users that's the question like then how to change privacy of it so here is your audience there are just two types of audiences in the real app there is my friends only share it only with your friends and discovery um discovery is shared with everyone on be real so if you do that you will just make a public post if you don't want to do that there is also my friends only which will be shared with your friends so if you have like seven friends it will be shared in their friend's feet my friend's feet if they posted that we will there is no option to post completely private bureau just for yourself then there is location you can turn on location services you can disable them by default this is disabled and you can turn off your location if you don't want to so then let's just tap send and we will upload our bureau here it is after there is an update you can already post a caption so here you can post a caption you can easily add it or delete this caption um then the one of the hidden features is actually yet so now you can see burial from other people and if you yeah if you zoom in just near username you will be able to see a number of screenshots so some people are taking screenshots of bureau and that's what you will be able to see

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