BeReal screenshots - what you should know?

hey everyone so here i'm just trying to figure out how to see who took screenshot of of your burial boss and i'm written this article by so visit this website they have really nice guide but anyhow i didn't know this that actually if someone saw you posting a video so here is uh my burial i just posted it some weird picture anyways and then if someone took a screenshot of it you will see this kind of like a square bracket and number inside of it and from this square bracket icon you can see that two people took a screenshot of the post and then if you yeah if you tap on that you can reveal who did a screenshot of your post so just if you see this weird number in brackets next to your post tap on it and then you will see under then you will reveal who did that and then also if you go to the like to the page itself you will see two screenshots uh like i mean if you for example this is a post and you tap on your post you will see two screenshots uh revealed so something around that hope that is helpful

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