BeReal - will deleting from Memories also delete from Discovery feed?

here is burial app so like real deleting the the photo from your memory is also deleted from from the discovery feed so here i have these photos this be real i have taken and then if i tap on three dots um like it says delete from memories but we'll delete him from memories mutual just delete from my own memories or it will delete completely also from discovery feed so that's that's the question um i i don't know honestly i in the beginning i saw that it will but now i see that is this just like my memories maybe it's just for me to delete it and i don't know how so here your memories are activated all your be real automatically added to your memories are not only visible to you if you delete memories it will be permanently unrecoverable all your future be real won't be saved in memories and will be automatically deleted as well um so let's just investigate this issue because this is a big concern for a lot of people like if you took a wrong photo like why you don't want to keep that so here is some review memories is a private archive of all uh your all be real posts only visible to you they were created by you so we thought it best to give them just to you also we hope most of you will love memories we understand some of you might prefer to maintain so that's basically uh this will permanently delete all of your past burial posts and stop future ones from being archived i strongly believe in the right to privacy and the need to be transparent about how data is stored um yep so that's the idea so i still don't get like if uh yeah but probably hopefully it will delete and delete uh your images and that's that's basically

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