Betterment app - how to get started?

hello everyone so let's explore this app which is called betterment investing and saving so the size is 132 megabytes so you can just use your touch id or voice id to install uh invest better with betterman investing apps are a time a dozen rides so you might be wondering why you shouldn't and download this investing app because batman is built to make investing easy with a personalized experience that needs your fits your needs so sign up in three minutes invest in expert build portfolios start investing with a ten dollar minimum deposit one low annual fee of zero twenty five percent no minimum balance that's uh okay how many clients is are that 32 billion managed so let's let's just open the app and let's see through the process how to create an account is it really that simple i'll just try to show you here how the process looks like and all of that uh so there you have it okay let's just try to open the app [Music] um status code error so i don't know what what that means i i just can't open the app actually maybe it is only available in united states and when you're abroad it's not available so i don't know if if it is the case [Music] so yep um yeah if if you continue to experience this please contact us at support

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