BFF app - Find My Friends & Phone - quick overview & how to use

here is interesting app BFF find my friends and phone so it starts to climb in the top charts in the in the US App Store so let's just open it up and yeah here you can see how it works so this app is basically like a live social map I've heard that uh Danley app either is not available anymore or there are some issues with zenly apps so therefore a lot of people try to find the replacement for this app and so yeah going on the road through these ramps have a house party to attend check out your friends real-time location and Battery percentages you can use also online messages phone tracker never lose your phone again designed with privacy invite only friends list and all of that so yeah of course there is like a Snapchat map there is only apps there is Live 360 app but yeah this feature is quite popular and some people actually like it with to have like their family or close friends or where you are partying or hanging out together just to have this list of people together yeah so yeah you just create an account and you can add friends here by BFF ID scan and profile card by email phone number by contacts by shaking phone so invite your friends then there are all these settings but basically yeah you can just tap on your account you can see your percentage where where you are online you can message you can see your chats uh you can yes then search for friends here then you can just go to the website and share it then here you see your list which you when you can change your BFF ID and change your username then you can see your current status you can add friends here uh so yeah that's what you can do um yeah in case you want to delete your account just go to account and go to preferences and then you can just tap delete account so that's as well what you can try it out um you can change steam all you can do is for free um this app is still in development there are multiple apps like this these days because everyone's just trying to replace only app so uh that's basically the idea at the moment uh hopefully uh hopefully it's uh uh yeah it's gonna uh get better soon and yeah more people will join also there aren't that many users I guess in Europe or somewhere else like mostly it's used in United States so there you have it hope it was helpful

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