Bible app on iPhone overview

okay so here is bible app and it's constantly in the top charts in ios app store in us so to install it just tap cat and confirm with the touch id of ice id and then yeah you need to you need to go to app store and search for this app so you need to you can select in this app from more than 2000 bible versions uh you can just have audio version you can compare compare all of them at your own highlights bookmarks and notes and just written the nice format set backgrounds highlighting then you can create some inspirational quotes art and it also has some like social element so yeah that's the app from the you version and then you just need to sign in so yeah okay let's try to sign in to show you completely how to install this app on iphone i usually sign in with apple because for me it's like just the fastest uh way then you need to accept terms and privacy policy you can obtain or opt out from emails and then yeah then you just have this app which is not exactly look looks like a bible just but it's also the um yeah just a social experience and here of course in the second tab you can just read you can just also find plans you can discover people versus plants images videos emotions then you can tap on more and yeah that's the app that's how you install it on ios                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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