Binance suspended LUNA & UST trading

so binance uh suspended uh luna and usd trading here is why an exponential amount of new luna were minted due to flaws in the design of the terra protocol thereby daters have suspended their entire network resulting in no deposits or withdrawals possible to or from any exchange uh so a lot of users actually started to buy luna again without understanding that as soon as deposits are low the price will likely crash further while balance always aims to be neutral helpful and protective for user industry peers and we typically refrain from commenting on another project i'll break that rule this time or disappoint with houses this ustilona incident was handled by the terror team we requested our team to restore the network burn the extra minted luna and recover the ust pack so far we have not got any positive response how much response at all uh this is in sharp contrast to axi infinity whereas the team took accountability had a plan and were communicating with us proactively and we helped you know there are different opinions in the community without suspending trading is the best way to protect users at this time we will continue to monitor all actions will be announced at uh finance twitter account so there you have it um a lot of people asking can i get a refund uh the disaster disaster could have been prevented if you took early measures uh what will happen to the loan i had in my account um so yeah a lot of like conversations a lot of people obviously like super angry so like what do you think about all of it did you have some luna in your binance like what yeah just leave your thoughts in the comments below

The debacle of LUNA, the token that...
The debacle of LUNA, the token that has become the "Lehman Brothers" of cryptocurrencies
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