Bindle app - how to create an account & how to use?

okay so here is spindle app you can go to the website join and you can just click below tab below to download bindle app um so yeah let's just go to the app store it's also available on google play store and galaxy and this is the app just use a touch id to install it this is the size and that's a secure wallet for your health records um so you can use for um like vaccination records and all of that so then when you can just tap open here is the app and then you can just set up your window so you need to accept uh user agreement so you can also restore your bundle if you created it on another phone for example or another device or you can just create a new window so then you just need to take a photo so from photos you can just use this then you need to enter your first name date of birth and then you can applaud your idea but that's identific uh yeah for your identification but that's voluntary then you can just enter your email here then you can just enter your mobile and then you can just submit and then you need to check your email for confirmation code maybe it should yeah so yeah and then there you have it now your bundle app is ready to go so it's just encrypting information and then there you have it now you have entry passes you have your certificates you can add new uh you can search and all of that so that's the idea                  

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