Bionic Reading app - Fiery Feeds - app overview & how to use

so here is b and this is now an open api and fairfield app is using that so in case you want to try bionic reading just try it out in fairfield's app so just to enable that go to settings and then search for bionic reading and you can enable it here for free no need to upgrade so if i try to open some table of contents then this is kind of this is the app where i can enable bionic reading i don't know if it works really ideally uh here but this is how the text looks like so the idea is that uh you can uh use this uh feature to read faster and more focused because your brand can already get the whole minion and the word just from highlighted elements and if you read a lot of you know a lot of articles big amounts of text it's enough for your brain just to highlight these main areas and then it will figure it faster so it's kind of like fast reading technique kind of works for some people other people doesn't work so yep that's basically that so this is the app where you can enable this bionic reading other two apps reader 5 and liar at the moment they are paid apps so that's that

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