Bionic Reading app - lire RSS reader - overview & how to use

do you know what bionic reading is it's a new matter facilitating the written process just by guiding your eyes through the text with some fixation points so here you can see the transform text using bionic reading technique and if you try to focus you can discard that yeah you can actually read it much faster and using this technique you can consume much bigger amounts of tags much faster and there are a bunch of apps reader 5 is one of the most popular ones fairy feeds is a good one and then there is liar app so you can just go to that app and here is the one of the top rss readers and this app has a built-in bionic reading feature so you can just import your sas feed it's oh no it's a bit old-school like this rss feed i don't know like exactly how many people are using it but you can just fit like your some blog some news website to this app and then you can just use this bionic reading technique and like read the article much faster um yeah so that's uh what you can do and it's a super cool experience uh yeah i didn't purchase the app at this moment i'm not like such a fan of rss feeds but if you subscribe to some blog or some newsletter uh you can really discover this bionic reading technique i'm not sure if like sub stack uh supports that or medium or kindle like what other apps and technologies gadgets support in that at the moment there is like open api and there are these three apps which officially support that um so yeah try it out seems like a cool app and it's not that expensive it's one time payment if you're constantly using that

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