BIONIC READING CONVERTER - how to convert docx, epub, rtf documents?

this tutorial we're gonna go through how to use bionic reading converter so you can convert any microsoft word document epub document um rtf to bionic written text so this is the new reading method which facilitates the reading process by guiding guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points as a result the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters unless the brain center completes the word so try to read these texts it's pretty entertaining and then you can read much more so you can just browse any file if you tap here to buy only credit and convert you can also enter website url but that part doesn't work for me or you can just copy your text but here you can do txt rtf epub docs and these are the formats you can't use pdf so if i just choose files and i just try to use some chapter like some document and then uh yeah let's see if i if this actually works [Music] and then it should be available so that's basically the process but there are still some bugs uh basically that doesn't really convert it um oh no okay so this is actually working so now i transferred the text into pdf and then now i have like this bionic reading so here you can just see what's happening and how it works so yep that's the idea how i transform this text to to bionic reading mode

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