so here is bionic reading uh apps and there is reader 5 app however unfortunately it is a paid app so you will need to pay to get it [Music] it has this feature of bionic reading inside of the app is bionic reading you read textures more focused awareness and sustainability and basically the whole idea of bionic reading is that if you for example subscribe to to some rss feed and you're reading some newsletters anything here you have this feature that you can just read it like super fast because your brain can actually understand like this uh like the whole words just from a few letters because you write that word like thousands of times and your your brain kind of understands this already so this app is just highlighting in bold these elements so try to read this text uh like you know um and try to focus and you will see that actually i tried it if you're like focusing and you're trying to read big amount of text it will be faster and you don't need you can easily scheme much faster through the much bigger amounts of text and this is one of the top apps like news reader apps reader 5 which supports this feature it's amazing app so definitely give it a try it also has some other features it has high writing it supports your part services fitbit feedly feed wrangler feed hq news blue or the old reader in a reader uh you can add widgets and all of that so definitely give a try to this app i didn't buy it yet there are like three alternatives and you can also use bionic reading api on and just use that in the browser but of course the app experience is much better so if you're like a constant reader of newsletters definitely get reader file app

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