Bionic Reading - which apps support? Reeder 5 app

so what are available bionic reading apps so in case you don't know this is bionic reading it's a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through the text with artificial fixation points as a result the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters unless the brain center complete the word so that's the idea so try to read these texts especially try to focus like you know if you're reading a book uh a larger book and if you try to skim this text you can find like it was the case for me that you can do it much faster than just like regular normal text so this is kind of like a new interesting technology and you can try it already on these apps so there is like reader five app uh there's theory feeds and there is liar so every of these apps is using bionic reading api where you can try this technique and yeah you can try to read all the different tags and uh yeah so that's actually pretty cool um so i'm just trying to open i don't know why it's not opening but like the trick is that reader five app is paid one uh so you need you need to upgrade so here is that but it is paid and then uh yeah you can just tap on it and then you can just open it in the app store and then you can see it's like 4.99 uh but theory feeds app is uh is free so you can get it uh it's like a fury feeds rss reader uh you can see it's uh it's growing the charts so it's an interesting app which you can use to read news articles blogs but you can try this bionic reading technique and liar app is is also paid so yeah it's 9.99 so yep these are the apps there will be more and more uh apps in this category which using this interesting bionic reading api so yep hope i hope this can be helpful

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