BiP - messenger, video call - app overview

here's interesting app which is called VIP beep messenger and video call it's starting to grow in the top charts so I'm just curious to explore what this app is about so this app provides you fast reliable and fun messaging send messages and photos that disappear once they read it's nothing new feature it's available in telegram a lot of other apps so here you can see that um uh yeah on top of more communication features such as instant messages HD quality voice and video calls Pap presents a secure way to share photos documents voice messages location share memories in your status Pap also offers a wide range of services depending on your region and channels which allows you to reach out to large audiences so there you have it uh um yeah let's just open it up and see how how to create an account or something like that uh so let's just start continue and then I just want to create an account and then I should get some verification SMS uh and then I just kind of create some test profile here so I'm just showing you how it works uh you your backup setting is off you can easily turn it on by visiting settings I don't want to give access to contacts but you can also do that and yeah and then that's a lot of pop-ups but there you have it and then you can just start creating messages and then you can just add in messages you can add your status you can have calls and then there is more um yeah so that's basically that that's how you create an account and start messaging your friends this is how it looks like uh you can just message your friends here and that's basically an overview yeah so it's kind of like a bit different version of WhatsApp it has a little bit touches of WhatsApp interface so yeah something around it hope you enjoyed this

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