Bitcoin Addresses in Cash App OVERVIEW

hello everyone so i'm just going through types of bitcoin addresses in cash app and it's super interesting actually and there are many types of valid bitcoin addresses but they all fall into one of the following three categories so there are like three categories and how to identify them super easy you just see like where the which we symbols the address starts so like address bitcoin addresses starting with one these are like uh legacy addresses i don't know if they are used a lot these days but um yeah they're also called p2p th paid to pop key cache addresses then there are addresses starting with the three these are known as p to a s h by two script hashes addresses there are many types of this format but the most common is known as the wrapped segwit cache app uses this for deposits um and then there are new addresses starting with bc one this one known as box 32 on native segwit this also include the newest type of addresses uh called taproot there was recently a tab root update in bitcoin which cash app supports sending to so if you want to send like deposit withdrawal like it's uh it's advised to use this native sag with addresses cash up allows withdrawals to all valid address formats for customers deposits cash apps uh cash app uses p2sh wrapped segwit addresses to your current bitcoin wallet address you can just go to bitcoin tab and select your bitcoin address so like yeah if i'm in a cash app i just can go to bitcoin app i need to get verified and after i'm verified i will be able to see that yeah be able to deposit to external wallet hope that is helpful

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