BlackGentry - Black dating app - how to create an account?

here's trending app uh which is called black gentry black dating app mid black singles near you so let's just install the app see how it works and why it's searching in the in the charts in the us app store so here's how it looks like send direct messages match use filters to search and find people verified profiles see who likes you so this is the app and yeah sometimes you know it can be hard to use tinder because it's super generalized like there are so many profiles so many people there so yeah maybe this app can be much more um helpful for you and black gentry is the best dating app for meeting black singles it is the only dating app on the market that specifically caters to intentional black singles who want authentic connections you know you have standards so you should use a glassy dating app that also has standards like gentries where black excellence meets black law our values matter to us so we verify all profiles to ensure a safer community that is filled with quality people black gentry also allows users to send free direct messages free to match and free to chat send direct messages and connect faster use search feature verified profiles change locations so all of that so just open the app and you can just allow to send notifications and then you can just create your account so let's just create an account and it's super easy to use apple id i just usually do that then you can just continue with your name then you continue with adding your birthday just an example uh your birthday cannot be changed by the registration and complete then you just need to add where you live okay or um i mean it's just for a test so let's do that then you just enter these filters and then you need to add at least three images um so you can just let's just go to the gallery um so i can just select some selfies and then okay so then i just need to add oops anyways not the best photo but very hard so then i just need to add this and then copy this gesture not the best lighting and there you have it so your profile spending approval all profiles are working to be required to be reviewed and approved before they are visible profiles usually approved 24 hours we do this to ensure the quality please use this time to complete 75 of your profile you will receive an app notification if your profile is approval so that's that and then you just have your profile so it's kind of ready but you just don't have access to matching you can see who likes you you can see messages um and all of that yeah that's the idea and thank you for watching give a try to this app

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