BlackPeopleMeet app - how to create account?

hello everyone so here is the app which is called black people meet so you can just tap that to install it and yeah then you can just use your touch id to install the app and that's basically how you can get started with this app this is one number one dating app for black singles one of the top ones i think there are a bunch of other apps and it describes itself as a number one black dating app to meet black single men and black single women near you largest subscription site for black singles now has the best dating app for black singles download the official black people meet app and start browsing for free today meet up and date the one you have been searching for uh it is free to view profiles with photos can complete profile info are you interested swipe to meet black singles keep track of who is you in your online profile view and write your daily matches and all of that so then you can just open the app and let's just see the process uh how it can look like to here for you to create an account and all of that and then yep you can tap your singles so that you can just uh see that and then just continue then you can enter your uh zip code so then you can see that location where you're located um yeah and then you can try that or you can try something else uh so something is not working here i don't know i don't know like why it's not working so basically i can't sign up um [Music] so let's just try again so i just swiped up to basically reload the app and then uh having trouble i can just contact them here or you i can just again try to sign up then it just takes time or i can [Music] yeah so maybe you really need to be located there or yeah i don't know my business apps it just doesn't work outside of us currently i'm in europe um so yep that's that i hope it is helpful thank you for watching

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