Blaze Pizza - how to join BLAZE REWARDS?

Here is Blaze Pizza app and they are running this viral campaign with rewards. So how to join this rewards? So you just can go here and read through their guide. This app currently is in top charts in the US App Store because of this campaign. So, yeah, you need to join Blaze Rewards Shop and get free stuff like pizzas, desserts and drinks. And this is when it's available. So just tap on Rewards tab. And then you can also click here for your local offer. So where you can just discover what's available. Download the Blaze Pizza app, set your favorite Blaze Pizza location, then come and enjoy the P-Day party with us in the restaurant. Some restrictions apply, so it's only available on Tuesday, March 14th. That's the only day where you can get it. Hopefully it will be available. As well in the later dates.

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