app - early preview & how to use

so here's an early preview early prototype of blender bot a conversational artificial intelligence prototype from mata facebook this early prototype is your help have a conversation about anything that interests you and provide feedback to help ai research so you can learn more about this project on faq page this is a research project by mata is to progress conversational ai research which means making artificial intelligence based dialogue system better for everyone who uses them uh you should be aware that despite our best attempts to reduce such issues the bot might be an appropriate route or may control or contradictory statements the bot's comments are not representative of matter of views of the company and should not rely on for factual information including but not limited to medical legal financial advice users must be at least 18 years old so what's the value of this work so many people already interact with chatbots via voice assistants and in various customer service situations so you can see here all the ideas around it and yeah so that's basically what that is and then you can just tap to start chat and then uh to get started and then yeah then you can just start chat

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