- overview, how to use and chat?

so here is blenderbot ai it's a new project from facebook which you can discover online it's available only in united states at the moment but this is a research project from meta where you can you know do some chatting uh and then uh you can just chat with this bot and give more feedback to facebook and mata uh you can try to share your conversation or not it's just you decide and then you can see that sometimes this bot is not that perfect it's uh that's it is what it is uh so then you can just write again here and then you need to wait for response before other reply and then i already hinted that i play volleyball not tennis so that's what it is and then i can just send it here if you want to open a new topic you can just send a new topic in the bottom right and you can tap to look inside and then yeah you can just see the ai's long-term memory meaning like what this algorithm already know about you

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