BLINK APP - how to create an account?

hello everyone so here is the app which is called blink home monitor so let's just install it and see how it works so let's just use touch id or face id to install it this this is the yeah uh you can control all your blink devices in one free app see here and speak right from your smartphone receive customizable motion detection alerts so protect what matters to you so this app works perfectly with uh blink devices uh with this wireless cameras where you can just make your home smart and then you can observe all the elements of your home and it's a it's a great security camera so starting at 34.99 mini is great for steps towards keeping your home more secure it works with alexa and all of that so let's just open the app and see uh yeah how it works and then you can just create your account so just depend on which you can choose your region and then you can just start creating your account so that's basically the idea i hope this is helpful

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