here is blink app it's an amazon company and blink basically are affordable smart home security cameras which you can install in your house and then you can just see what whatever is happening and this is the blink app which where you can connect everything and you can connect all your cameras and sync everything in in in this app so that's basically the idea uh so this is the app as you can see it's number three in charts right now it's really grown up in charts a lot of people are using it there are a lot of concerns as there are some bugs but yeah there you have it just blinking your home control all your blink devices in one free app see here and speak right from your smartphone receive customizable motion detection alerts stay connected protect what matters most day or night so here's the app then in the second tab you can just see uh you can see all your videos all the cameras to add the camera tap and plus in the top right and then from here you just will be able to add the you know the camera just enter serial number manually or scan the qr code and then just depending on the device you can see all the detailed instruction where this qr code is located so that's basically the idea then there are settings you can enable temperature units you can enable touch id or some other ids then yeah you can also you can also download neighbors app and get real time safety alerts from your neighbors local police and yeah basically that so i think blink previously was called ring so that was the original device and yeah like amazon bought it and now it's called blink it's a bit rebranded and all of that so that's basically the story of that but as you can see the app is super easy to use it's that's uh it's very easy to use and stuff like that so yeah there you have it and that's how it works um so yeah that's the idea that's the app overview okay let's just also go through some reviews and some comments as you can see the average review is not it's not that good exactly what we wanted needs some work it was working well uh sometimes it's not yeah it's b is it if it's because the battery died too quickly could be great but buggy so here people right i bought four outdoor cameras because they were wireless and easy to set up and install i didn't want to go through the headache of hiring professional to hardware everything so from that perspective great idea problem is i find this system full of issues overall it's not dependable capturing some nails sometimes works but most often doesn't the latency fly view is terrible probably 10-15 seconds and that's if it works my cameras i was in 20 feet of my router and my sync module will sit really next to the routers of the latency can't be because of my network registry so that's basically that so yeah a lot of bugs and all of that is at the moment so that's that if you tap on your profile tab the second from the right you can conduct support or you can delete your account if you want hope that is helpful thank you for watching like this video and subscribe to my channel

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