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hello everyone uh so let's go through the blog scan chat app so this is a new app which as you can see here blog scan app uh which was developed by etherscan team and this app lets you have instant chat between wallets you can where you can use multi-device login you can have these blog addresses you can have notifications and this is the you can access at start um so yeah and some then this user says whispers to yourself someone please put ethereum instant message inside inside a wallet and not a web app please please add to my wishlist center so yeah maybe in future it will also come to your matamask wallet or to some trust wallet or any other wallet but at the moment this is how it looks like so this is just an app uh you can access obviously on mobile browser i think it's uh yeah just on the browser right now it's a web 2 app so it's not web3 and the chat messages don't go into the blockchain as i understand it so that's the idea [Music] so yeah here is the app and then uh you just log in with your metamask wallet here and then uh yeah to start a new chat you just need to copy ethereum address which you can get in metamask or you can just write like en en as domain name and then just start chatting so then you can just click to start chat with someone um and then basically you just chat with someone else who has uh this ethereum address so for example imagine like you checked out that address on interscan for example just a basic use like in web 2 you can see that this person has this really cool enc domain name and you won't really want to buy that domain so uh maybe you can just negotiate somehow to to transfer that domain or something like that or otherwise you can see that this person has this cool like you know uh nft board app and you really really want it and you can like buy everything you want for it or like of course you can build on opencl i don't know like i'm just exploring use cases there are so many ways why you would need actually to message someone it's like you know early mile or early instant messenger and then you can just uh uh yeah also you can set a nickname here so you can just write something like this maximum 25 jars to know exactly who are you messaging to you can see the status of line i actually don't know how they identify if this person is online or offline then you can also block user or archive chat here you have all the settings you see blocked users you see archived chats you can have this qr code where you can you can log into this app you can also log out and then there is some system info so something like this um then you can also see faq what is block scan chat made by the address content block scan chat was built to introduce the concept of signing in with three and as messaging plan for users to simply instantly message each other wallet to wallet is there a cost to send a message there is no cost will i get to reply by access will depend on whether or not the recipient chooses to use blocks can chat each blocks can chat and decrypt it while the messages are transmitted or ssl they are not currently empty and encrypted uh how can i send truly decentralized message beautiful performance reasons right abroad approach there is some id and feature which i don't know about on this stage each wallet can initiate up to 50 new chat conversations uh you can see you might block individual members maybe there is also some spam [Music] so here you can also see this ethereum itm you can create chat title at ethereum address select up to five addresses and then just tap to generate chat so something like that uh so yeah that's basically the idea hope it is helpful

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