BLOCKSCAN CHAT how to create an account?

chat and so here is the app uh and yep this app uh it's like uh ethereum a messaging platform so i just seen this on twitter here that someone announced that there is this new uh ethereum instant messenger blocks uh scan app by ethereum fox let's see instant chat use multi-device login block addresses notifications and all of that and then this is the best app to dm crypto friends so let's just see how you can connect your wallet here so the idea is that you just connect your wallet you can connect metamask and there are some rules so you can need to keep it fun and friendly and i will share any confidential information simply log out from all sessions remember your off chain block scan chat will is run on our servers and the message are not sent on any blockchain now there is a guarantee that the recipient will see or reply to your message understand and continue so then you can just tap meta mask connect your wallet so then i see something like this and then i just tap connect there are some two connections and then i just need to sign and then there you have it so now i should be uh in this blog scan chat which overall blog scan chat is like a steel web 2 app because the messages are not on blockchain uh but yeah uh this app as you can see uh yeah it's still web too but it's just gonna actually swap three wallets and helps you to message other people yep and then you can just start a new conversation and then you can just enter like in c for example and see domain name and then just create a new chat or something like that so that's basically the idea that's how it works i think it's actually pretty cool you can add smileys you can set nickname archive chat to block user

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