Bloom Investing for Teens - app overview

Bloom Investing for Teens - App Overview

Are you a teen looking to learn more about investing? Look no further than the Bloom Investing app. This app offers two types of accounts: a parent account and a teen account. To start investing, a parent must have an account, then create a teen account for their child.

Once created, teens can take quizzes and earn three free stocks by passing. The educational app offers a large knowledge base compared to other apps like Robinhood. It's vital to educate oneself about investing, which is where Bloom excels.

In addition, Bloom is launching a new AI financial chatbot that helps with investing and learning more about money. Join the waitlist to gain exclusive early access to this cutting-edge AI companion.

The app is designed to be user-friendly, making it simple to invite parents and friends. Simply sync your contacts and tap to start the invite process.

In conclusion, Bloom Investing is an excellent app for teens looking to learn more about investing. With its educational platform, the app allows for easy learning while being user-friendly and accessible to both parents and friends.

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