Blowly! App overview

here's interesting app called blowley Blow Out birthday candle so let's just explore it so here you can see there are different like small applications here uh you listen fan noise and fall asleep in 15 minutes this app is providing Flawless fan noise sound to improve your deep sleep animated emoticons will help your surprise friends White Noise sound animated emojis probably this app was just shared somewhere on Tick Tock or something like that and then it just goes premium so here you have premium version and a free version or you can of ventilator then there is like a candle where you can blow a candle okay also there are some ads which is pretty cool actually foreign access to your microphone and if you just really blow on the yeah on your phone it will turn off the candle which is pretty cool so yeah it's pretty smart app I um so then you have all these different stickers I don't know why and then all the different sounds but this is a really cool feature with the candle foreign so yeah uh definitely yeah so when I'm just talking the the candle it's moving identifies that I'm blowing so definitely cool app to try out with your friends and yeah super interesting

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