Blowly - blow a candle app - full overview

here's super interesting app called lovely blowout birthday Campbell so by downloading and using this app you can use it on your friend's birthday on your birthday and basically what it does like if you just blow into the app you'll blow the candle so it's pretty cool experience I think the app is just an early stages of development but this feature is really really amazing and I think there is so much potential to it there are also some other things like which helping you to sleep better but I think this is the main feature here to blow the candle uh yeah unfortunately there are some there are some ads here so this is how it looks like you need to give access to your microphone and basically it's just tracks um tracks sounds and if you speak it's kind of moves and if you try to blow yeah and I don't know it's like looks super uh fun to me yeah because it's just adds some additional feature to your iPhone uh so yeah that's basically what it is um so you can try again you can need to watch another ad though but yeah I think it's pretty cool idea actually so yeah definitely give it a try I think this app will become much better but there you have it

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