BlueSky app - NEW FEATURES & UPDATES - new app overview

The BlueSky app has recently introduced some exciting new features and updates. Although the app is still in beta and requires an invite to join, there is already a significant amount of active development taking place.

Upon opening the app, users will find their account information. Additionally, they have the option to generate invite codes for others. The most notable improvements can be seen in the feeds section. While traditional hashtags do not function within the BlueSky app, they have been replaced with feeds. Feeds essentially function as algorithms that dictate how users see their content. Users can discover new feeds created by others, or even create their own with a bit of coding experience. This level of customization allows for a more tailored user experience and empowers users by offering more control over their content consumption.

The BlueSky app focuses heavily on decentralization and handing power back to the users. Algorithms can be easily coded to prioritize posts from friends or popular users, among other options. By allowing users to design and implement their own algorithms, BlueSky sets itself apart from other apps in terms of user freedom and customization.

Recently, BlueSky introduced public shareable lists. Users now have the ability to create lists, add avatars, and include details and friends within these lists. This feature allows for easy categorization and organization of content, helping users find relevant information more efficiently.

In terms of settings, BlueSky now offers options for users to verify their email, add their birthday (which is not shown), and fine-tune their home feed preferences. The advanced filter settings enable users to selectively view replies, set reply filters, display reports, quote posts, or show posts from their feeds. This level of fine tuning is rarely seen in similar apps, making BlueSky stand out.

Thread preferences have also been introduced, allowing users to filter out replies within their threads and sort them by oldest, newest, or random order. Users can prioritize their follows and set up shredded mode as well. These settings demonstrate BlueSky's commitment to enhancing the user experience and providing features that are not commonly found in other social media apps.

The BlueSky app benefits from a team of former Twitter engineers who possess a deep understanding of social media app development. This experience is reflected in the app's features, especially those related to optimizing feed customization. Consequently, BlueSky is gradually emerging as one of the top alternatives to popular apps like Threads and X app, albeit with a smaller user base.

Other notable updates include the ability to edit languages in the "My Saved Feeds" section, set preferred languages for translations, and even implement app passwords. App passwords are necessary for logging into BlueSky client apps like Gray Sky, as they require a different authentication process compared to logging in with social media accounts directly.

BlueSky also offers various moderation features such as muting and blocking accounts, as well as public moderation lists for filtering out spammers and other unwanted content. Overall, BlueSky provides users with a comprehensive content filtering system to ensure a positive and personalized user experience.

Aside from these new features, there may have been additional work on the backend. However, the aforementioned updates are the primary highlights. While the BlueSky app is still in beta and has yet to reach the scale of its competitors, it boasts a vibrant and engaged community with potential for growth.

In conclusion, the BlueSky app is continually evolving with new features and updates. The app's emphasis on user customization and decentralization sets it apart from its peers. With its impressive development team and growing user base, BlueSky is undoubtedly an app to keep an eye on in the social media landscape.

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