Bluesky social app - can’t get an invite code….

um so here's Blue Sky social media app it's going viral hitting the top charts right now but it's invite only unfortunately and I can't get invite code um so yeah I don't even know where that is or how to get it um so yeah that's that's the status right now seems there are very few people on this app at the moment and they like you know it's very closed beta but for some reason this app is still being released in the global app store so it's just creating hype on the other hand they would just have released it in some test flight or something until it's more broadly available but now it's here people just checking out like you know cool I can choose my username anything but I I can't do anything without an invite code and I can get the invite code anywhere so that's basically the status right now is the Blue Sky again it's a new Twitter alternative built by Jack Dorsey who is the co-founder of Twitter and it's supposed to be a decentralized Twitter decentralized social media but I don't know when the invoice will be available and all of that uh so I have no idea actually maybe you can just uh sign in somehow on the staging um uh so yeah that's what it is

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