Bluesky Social app - finally I’ve got AN INVITE! FULL APP OVERVIEW

here is Blue Sky app and I finally got an invite so yeah and this is what you can see here it looks like it's just very minimalistic version of Twitter however it was it was trending in the top charts in social media category in in US App Store so it's already released to the App Store you can get this app however um uh yeah it's still private beta and it's invite only so you can kind of download it but you need an invite to get in and then you will just see the screen like that um so here how the app looks like um yeah you can just post um you can add pictures there's 256 character limit um here is your profile and here's home you get some notifications I already have 13 followers here go ahead and follow me then you have your profile you see your previous post Boston replies you can edit your profile at Avatar and then just share your profile then there are some settings here you can sign out you can change your handle so yeah a lot of people try to get in into this app right now to reserve like first name handle or like some cool username in case this app really takes off in future also here you can register with your own domain which is and you're saying so you can have like Alice at username so yeah this is the whole scene this new decentralized apps and then yeah here you can just delete your account if you want like a lot of people will just ask like what's the point of this app it just looks like a very simplistic version of Twitter so the whole idea is behind this backend as I understand because it's based on it protocol and this is like the first step of you know like making social media decentralized and this app is co-founded by Jack Dorsey host co-founder of Twitter so there is a lot of hype around in it and uh yeah so the whole idea would be that you kind of just log in with the app and it's much easier to get banned or to get like some moderation or stuff like that and to kick you out of the platform because ideally you can just take your username your followers your content and move to another protocol or to another server and you can just take it out with you while the app is just a kind of like a front-end front-end layer is which you have access to the protocol um so that's as I understand that's where it's going right now there is another app Master done of course which is based on another product also Blue Sky social is based on it protocols our own protocol because they are building is different from Mastodon then there is another app called demos which is being built on nostal protocol which another one so there is kind of like a fight of these protocols and yeah the whole idea would be that uh you'll just be able to switch between this servers or I don't know how they're called relays or and yeah and you just move your followers within those servers and kind of that makes this app much more decentralized and much harder for someone to book to block you to kick you out of the platform to remove all your following and all of that so it's a bit more protective towards that uh yeah so as I understand in the nutshell might be like I don't completely understand myself how it's supposed to work and all of that was just interesting approach and maybe it will really take off in future uh because you know a lot of people are really not happy with centralized social media such as Twitter or Facebook where you know it's it's actually even some one person one like board of directors just owning this company and can take different decisions and all the content everything just depends basically on these people uh while here it ideally it should be different yeah however things are still should be a major use case where we see exactly like okay in this situation Twitter really sucked and you know like blue sky social really dominated it or it might be there should be some you know wild political discussion or something like that where Twitter was really bad for it and blue sky and other decentralized apps are much uh better might be right now is the case actually when you know a lot of people looking for alternatives for Elon Musk Twitter and blue sky is one of those and yeah maybe like decentralized apps where will be immune to this kind of things when some person takes or the platform some part of audience like it some other parts of audience doesn't like it then there is another owner and it's again like there's always some part of people who don't like it there is some kind of moderation as there is some kind of uh you know algorithms which constantly change and you can't do anything about it by the way there should be probably like an open algorithm here which is 80 protocol so there is a lot of things which are quite exciting around it but so far this is just an app where people are posting different different pictures of cats and different images of this blue sky which is like the theme of this app sometimes the sky isn't that blue but yeah there you have it check out this app pretty pretty cool

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