Bluesky Social app - what is it? Quick preview

hey everyone what is Blue Sky social um so yeah this is a new app from uh from Jack Darcy Twitter co-founder and it aims to be one of the alternatives to Twitter maybe it it is even the future of social media because the there is a main uh technology shift this app acts as a decentralized social media so what does it mean like I don't know all the details like you can see on the on like the app looks exactly like very minimalistic version of Twitter why do you need to switch but the idea is that you have this app just as an interface just like I say front-end part just like an app part and then all the back end meaning all of your followers all of your content maybe your likes and all of that I just start in some kind of decentralized protocol which cannot be moderated I mean it can't be moderated but your account cannot be like banned easily your content cannot be also deleted easily and then for example you can take all your followers from this app if you don't like it you can take them from Blue Sky and move to damos for example it's just I don't know it can be like that or some other app and all your followers all your content moves with you and you just leave that app and the app acts like just like an interface while all the back end is decentralized so that's I think one of the directions where it goes and like the back end will be just based on some kind of protocol uh I don't know all the details here this app has just been released in the App Store however if you want to create an account you will need to have invite code have no idea where to get this invite code unfortunately and then you just can create your email address password and then choose your username um yeah and then uh yeah just reserve your username maybe it's a good idea to start now you can easily Reserve like first name username here in this app which might be worse a lot in future if this app takes off so try to get that in white code um so yeah that's basically the idea uh super interesting um that's how it works it says using the it protocol the issues with centralized social networks address at a foundational level I'm super excited to see how this app Pioneers this new age of social media so that's what you can see here uh yeah it's being developed by Jack Dorsey there are other similar apps which try to do that so there is like a damos app which was one of the first one um which is based on yeah also on Master protocol um and it has similar con concept as you can see it's not that high in the charts like a lot of people just don't get what what's the point here because on the on the front end you just have the same Twitter even much less functional Twitter where it's much more complicated for example to add photos to just post content and people a lot of consumers just don't get it like what's the point but you understand what's the point when there are big issues when some accounts can't be banned when there is uh you know much more freedom on the app and there is no one entity who controls all the content and nobody can just easily ban you even if you're abandon one app you can take off all your followers like you have million followers and take them to another app so these are some of the things which like decentralized social media can bring and maybe this is just one of the first steps here with the blue sky so definitely give

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