Bluesky Social - creating an account

hello everyone uh so how to create an account in Blue Sky social app uh so here is the app which you can try out it's built by Jack Dorsett feature co-founder is getting into the top charts in Us app store and to create a new account just tap on this button the one scene unfortunately at this moment the app requires invite codes so it's a bit weird the app was released officially publicly to the App Store it's not a task flight you can easily find it in the the App Store so this is the app there is it's not Blue Sky Mobile or anything Blue Sky social built by Blue Sky PB LLC uh yeah so just go here open it up and then you just need to choose your service provider uh which you can select here this is a bit weird like for Twitter users because Blue Sky app wants to be decentralized so meaning as I understand it will be based on some protocol and blue sky app will just be kind of like a front-end interface um and then you can select all these service providers uh from here a service providers maybe this is some protocols or Samurai servers for example there is other app like damos which based on Noster protocol so similar idea where you can select relays like different servers decentralized servers so maybe that's the case here but anyhow here you still need invite code then email address user password choose the username illegal you need to be 13 years old and then yeah uh then just continue this creating an account I don't know where to get invite codes since it's very small closed but I think maybe there is like a 1 million users invited to it what I was reading in media but other than that I have no idea uh maybe in future it will be just more open when you see this video and um yeah people will be able to create accounts without invite calls or there will be more invite codes available usually if these apps it's very hard to get in during like first few weeks but then more people getting in more people getting invite calls maybe your friends your colleagues can get invite code but in the beginning probably you just need to know Jack Dorsey or you know wire bar to get it um yeah so that's what it is but of course it's super cool idea to create your account now because you can register your first name handle username which is really amazing if if the app takes off like you can register super cool username and then maybe sell it in the future or just keep it to yourself so that's a nice moment to just register an account even if you don't plan to use it and my business app will take off in future and then you know you have a really amazing username anyhow hope that's helpful

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