hey there so I finally got invite to Blue Sky social and just we're gonna go through this app and have like a quick look quick tutorial how it works um and all of that right now this app is in private beta uh this app is available for download but you will need an invite code to create an account um yeah so that's basically it um yeah let's just go into the app again it's super hard to get in white code or you need to be I'm on like two three thousand beta testers right now uh to get access so just open the app and here's how it looks like um right now it's actually it's feels like very like simplistic minimalistic version of Twitter there is just like a feed uh there is just some uh you know some replies you can comment you can reshare you can like you can reply then you can translate this post you can copy post text you can also report post for example so just like very very basic features of Twitter if you want to create a post you can also just write something like that there is a limitation of 256 characters you can add photos you can add the photos using your camera or like just upload existing photos it's not possible to add gifs or videos or anything like that so don't expect it here so there are no like spices audio rooms audio messages all of that this app right now is seen in a very bad effects or yeah it's um very minimalistic and then when you post it you can delete your post you can go to other accounts you can follow them uh uh and then it's possible to mute or report accounts yeah so that's basically it and then in the second tab you can just have discover feed um then again you can just follow people here um you can see a lot of memes a lot of cats right now and just you know someone has 12 likes someone has 30 series that's a record um someone has more so that's basically the idea and then you have notifications then here you just have more accounts and that's basically how it looks like um so then you have your account in the top left so a lot of people actually want to get access to Blue Sky right now because you can reserve pretty cool username like first name handle which you can get and in case this app becomes popular you are kind of lucky you got like a cool username and then you go to your profile this is your profile can edit it you can again change your profile picture you can change your header just add display name at your description and then save changes it's not possible to change username anything you you only set at that point you create an account and that's it so at the moment that's what it is you can share your profile as well uh it's pretty cool and that's it so very simplistic that there are settings so from here you can also delete your account if you want to you can also tap on sign out in the top right you can just sign out you can see like the build version you can see a storybook like I don't know some developer components and all that um so yeah then you can also just send like feedback Blue Sky feedback uh if you're part of this test just to help developers to build up faster uh there is your account you can see how you are signed in you just sign in with your invite code and with your like email and password it's not possible to sign in with Twitter or you know Google whatever so that's it the app is in private beta but it's already accessible in the app store for me it's like it's a bit interesting tactic because the app was hitting like top charts in the US App Store but nobody has invite codes there are only like two three thousand people who have invite codes and just everyone to get wants to get access into the app but there there is no referral program now in white codes nothing um so then it's just what it is but yeah it's it's still app is free to download you don't need to buy anything but you just can't access it maybe there will be more invites in future then the cool feature you can just enable dark mode and basically if you access the app right now the only thing like you can do is just you know hang out in the app uh maybe find some bugs uh reports here hang out Reserve cool username there are very few people and actually some users say that this app really feels like Twitter 2007 so it has like some interesting Vibe and all of that but let's go to the main point why actually this app exists while because uh it wants to be an alternative to Twitter but not just like to Twitter the whole uh kind of existing social media architecture so this is a Jack Dorsey backed up uh app Jack Darcy's of course co-founder of Twitter and this app is based on protocol so the idea of Blue Sky which originally was developed inside of Twitter as a Twitter project is that blue sky will be based on protocol and it will be uh much harder in this app to moderate people or to introduce censorship or to ban people for no reason and all of that because it's kind of is decentralized I still honestly don't understand exactly all the technicalities how it kind of can work um uh but yeah you can always go through their um uh app here you can tap on app support and then um you can go to Blue Sky Web and then you can read here more that we are building the it protocol a new foundation for social networking which gives creators independence from platforms developers the freedom to build and users the choice of their experience so yeah this is you can also read about the 880 protocol um connect with anyone on any servers that's using the at protocol algorithmic Choice control how you see the world through an open market algorithm portable accounts so the idea is that uh you have your account on Bluesky you have your followers your posts you don't like something about blue sky app or you feel too much moderation and censorship you just take all your follower base and you move with them to other apps so that's like the idea behind it in current situation if you have like you know a million followers on Twitter you don't like it you just can't move them with you they are standing they're tied to the platform um yeah so blue sky tries to change that and the whole back end the whole infrastructure is just based on this it protocol and the reason right now I think a battle of these protocols because another app Mastodon which is also one of the top alternatives for Twitter has its own protocol um I think which is a bit different and blue sky instead of adopting that protocol um chosen to use to build its own so I don't know honestly like where this technology will end but seems it's interesting and then there is another app called damos which is built upon a Noster protocol um yeah and I think that also another idea is that like blue sky or diamonds or some other apps and like social apps in the future they will be just like you know like uh web interfaces web Frameworks where you know you just use them to login into into the into the infrastructure and then um yeah uh like if you don't like this app you just switch to another and all your followers all your content anything just goes with you and it's not tied to specific app so that's one of the big advantages of course there are many more I'm not the technical into it but yeah seems interesting for sure you can always go to this website you can go to our GitHub try to join Blue Sky private beta but it just redirects you to the app as far as I know there is very limited amount of these invite codes there are like only like two three thousand beta testers in the app but because the app is openly it's already public in the App Store everyone just wants to get in but don't you know like don't expect a lot from this app it's just very minimalistic version of filter similar as this other you know new decentralized social media so there is a lot of hype around it but just you know that's what it is uh it's very like you know minimalistic version and if you expect some Advanced features some audio spices tabs some like you know long videos or stuff like that this app is not for you seeing this this is just like a very beginning a start for this decentralized social media which has yet to prove itself I think there should be some kind of like case study or some use case where you can see okay this is much better than Twitter or like you you can't do this on Twitter or like this account can't be banned on Twitter but it survived on blue sky or something like that and then until you kind of have that use case uh people will just gonna you know just swipe around and then just leave the app I don't know maybe I'm not mistaken but definitely it's just super interesting and of course it's been built by Jack Dorsey um so there is a lot of hype around it but yeah here is just the app you can see it here there are more and more people joining in there's more content and and also I think there are a lot of like um you know of course like Founders and some investors uh Silicon Valley people here in this app um and everyone's just trying to reserve the cool handle like space and all of that um so yeah interesting space um maybe there are you know like up to like 10 000 users here or like maybe less might be like 5 000 but definitely also interesting Community to hang out so yeah um try it out I hope this offering was helpful

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