blur BOSS REVOLUTION CALLING app full overview & how to use

here is interesting trending app boss travel Boss Revolution calling app so let's just install it yeah and it's one of the most popular apps um out there with this app you can save up to 90 on high quality international calls for to family and friends receive free secure calls and messages from other Boss Revolution customers staying in touch with friends and family around the world with the new and broadcast Revolution app make cheap and Crystal Clear international call system most innovate Innovative technology so there you have it so when you go here you can just easily create an account it's possible to enter any phone number so it's not only us and then you can just tap verify phone number and then basically then you can just uh yeah receive the some and yeah so there you have it and then you can just uh yeah like then you're just entering the app so yeah that's basically how it looks like um you can add fonts in the app you can call anyone in your book uh you can make a call from dial pad advancing the app so you can just add literally funds from your card number you can just enter also expiration code CVV postal code so that's what you can do yeah just dial here call for to any contact and to select the main the main features here also you just have like some radio and stuff like that I don't know what that is some videos promotions unread so then you can just see some international rates like for example uh you can see how much uh how how much you need to pay to call anywhere so for yeah I can if I need to call to United Kingdom it will be like uh 1.5 cents per minute on seller or five cents per minute seller premium 25 cents per minute you can see how rates are calculated uh one minute rounding total cost of each call around the next full minion currency unit so you have that notification funding history uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh you can start the conversation I think you can message and then uh uh you can you can just recharge easily just with your credit card so there you have it then you can change your name you can change profile picture you can change chart color uh so yeah that's what you can do here you can also set auto recharge um so that's basically the idea uh invite friends uh send it right now so you can for example send in right now and then just invite some of the friend here there is some support you can reach out to support um I don't like if you just tap contact you can just email them um so yeah that's basically that it's kind of cool app to to make this international calls of course there are many alternative apps like Skype like Viber many of those there are specific apps and then yeah but this is one of the top apps out there um so try it out definitely

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