thank you so what is Deal app it's is this uh software has grown pretty fast and it's used by many companies these days actually so it's growing a lot especially during like pandemic times so the the thing about this app is just it helps to hire International remote contractors so basically if you're running a company and you want to hire a lot of Freelancers this is one of the way to do it via this app of course you can ask like as there is upward there is like many other apps but yeah if you find someone on upwork it's pretty hard to get out of upwork and you need to do all the hiring and all the invoicing processor through upwork for example and that can be not that advanced enough so this app is really good if you just found someone from some job site or like you were referred by some friend and you don't want to do it for your upwork and you want to do it through deal because it's much more sophisticated in terms of accounting compliance invoices tax forms all of that so you can just have everything here so basically how it works is just like your employee can invite you here you need to create your account as a contractor and then inside of this deal app there is like a contract uh so you can see some can be some contract here you can just read through that contract uh and then you need to sign it before you're able to sign it you need to create an account in Deal app um yeah it takes some time so you need to enter your email and password uh then I you need to enter your nationality country of residence your phone number uh confirm that and then probably you need to verify yourself as well like you need to oh no I think and then you just easily create your account and you will be able to sign the contract but then to complete the onboarding process you will need to uh verify your identity like with the selfie and upload some ID documents and then also set up a withdrawal method and that's that's it and then basically you can just do all the work and then you just have your balance here and you can withdraw money from there uh depending on your contract but from here you can create contract types that are really good like easy to use contract types here fixed rate means for contracts that have fixed rate on every payment cycle base you go a milestone um so you can read all this here it's actually pretty helpful just to have that contract in the app then you need to have compliance and documents uh so like for example depending on the country where you reside then you might need to upload some kind of ID and you're doing that just by being redirected to your mobile phone app you just tap on the link and you need to take a photo of your passport of your ID that's also very helpful if you are a freelancer they also generate these invoices automatically you can see all the transactions really easily so in case you need all of that just like very easy to find like how it looks like and all of that then there are some perks uh so this is uh uh these are some specific perks which you can get but it just depends on the client and if your client has agreement or is open to do that so there are some eligibility criteria there are some insurance forms uh there are some tax forms which you can also submit here and you just can have them so yeah it's like basically everything in one place if you if you are the company hiring a contractor and if you are as a contractor using this service uh yeah for for yourself so it's pretty uh handy I use upwork as well but probably upwork sometimes it's used for some smaller contracts if you know you're doing some freelance job but of course if you can have super high rates on upwork as well but deal is a bit more advanced in terms of all documents invoices taxes transactions just everything in one place you are verified and like uh yeah if you are looking for more like bigger companies probably or like long-term collaboration maybe it's the better option but otherwise they also have this like very nice referral program so feel free to use my referral link this one and join Deal app in case in case you got interested about it I think you will get some benefits and I also will get some like fifty dollars or something if you if you join Deal app and then uh if you get at least one contractor through this app or even if you buy one employee so that's pretty interesting uh yeah so that's basically the app as you can see like the design everything is super minimalistic I like it there aren't like 20 buttons to click on uh yeah it's uh pretty straightforward and especially it's very good for like organizing this remote work and remote contractors um because again like compared to upwork for example if you find some person and you want to hire uh him or her like that person from completely another country then that person need to create an account on upwork and you need to pay through upwork uh you will be charged on fee uh or and then there isn't exactly that like more professional onboarding experience of course you have all the transactions and all that but you don't have all the documents in one place and yeah so that's a bit less professional while here you can just onboard person and it looks like you're creating like a professional employee contract then here in the top there are account settings so you can just browse around as well so there are personal just you can see all of your contracts on all of your details there are withdrawal methods which you can add so they support of course PayPal PayPal Pioneer but also like bank account instant card transfer all of these ways to do it you can also set up like automatic withdrawal so in case you know you're getting python it's automatically being transferred to your account or you can just select that you every time there is some funds here in the deal app you just tap withdraw when you want then there are all these invoices then you can set up account security and then you can set up some verification uh so yeah that's basically the idea um there is always like help and feedback in case you have any additional questions in the top right and of course you can you can use deal Service as a contractor for multiple clients so you can have multiple contracts multiple part-time opportunities here in this app uh so this this video is just like to show like very very brief overview of the of the deal app that how it looks like it's not that complex it's not it's complicated at all it's just super easy in case then you want to delete your account or delete all your data you can just do it where there are support live chat unfortunately there is no button inside of the inside of the app to do it but anyhow this is how it works try it out either you are as a company to hire more Freelancers or as a contractor consider that using this service seems it's pretty handy

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