BLUR How to see NEW Shorts Feed ads revenue in YouTube Studio?

so how to see a short feeds at Revenue uh in in your YouTube Studio it's you can always do it from your mobile app but you can also just do it in more granular way on desktop so just go to your YouTube studio app on desktop and then filter out short here and then Revenue Source filter out just by Revenue source and then you will see total uh like you know estimated by different types of Revenue Source here then you can see short feed ads and then uh here and also you can see like uh YouTube premium um so then you can just click on specific uh shortfeed ads Revenue then you will see uh how many you are earning from that uh for example this is just like an example over you and yeah like you see it's not a lot from there because it's it's completely different way of monetization so you're not earning from uh like ads this how many as displayed near your video you just getting a chunk out of Creator pool uh uh based on number of views you got um so the more views you're getting the more you're earning and seems you need to get like millions and millions of views uh to to get like some proper Revenue here but it's a start um and so then here you have that uh and then yeah you can see that there were still watch page ads available for shorts videos in YouTube now they're gone seems like that so they will just be replaced by uh yeah short field ads um and then yes you still there is like YouTube premium Revenue which you can also check for people who are watching your shorts so you can check out that and yeah so that's just like an overview uh um so that's how you check it out

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