BLUR Watch Page ads are GONE for Shorts videos YouTube Studio overview

so YouTube Just introduced this uh short feed revenue and actually I noticed that now you can see that like previous watch page ads which were still available for short videos because they were probably displayed in some specific format or somehow some of these ads were still available there so now these are gone seems like that um so I probably need to investigate some of it like how it works but you can see that watch page ads are no longer displayed on short videos now all the revenue from there just basically goes into this like short feed ads Creator pool and uh yeah and then it's just distributed to creators just based on just based on number of use of percentage of total views in specific country it's like pretty complicated process but yeah just not it's that watch page ads are gone uh removed from from shorts videos or maybe you're getting something wrong if you get if you have some insight for this just leave some comments just interesting to investigate because yeah like it I was actually quite surprised but the if you had like short videos you will see that sometimes you will still have some like watch page ads still available for those videos I was like why it's still showing there because it's like a short format and then it was changing a lot and like the idea was that it's like uh still the the RPM or yeah how it's called it like it was much love for search videos but then you will still get like watch page ads maybe those are where people who watch these videos on desktop or found them by search or something around it uh so um maybe that's what that was that but um not sure now probably all of it is just be going to to short hit ads pull and now probably just need to optimize for the biggest amount of views

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