BlurHow to pay bills in MoneyGram app?

how to pay bills in MoneyGram apps so here you can just go to uh MoneyGram app create an account and in the bottom you can just search by company or search by receive code receive code is like specific code like U.S companies have it's like easier to identify and then easy to pay a bill there yeah so you can just select some popular companies and then yeah just enter the amount you'd like to send to that company payments received after 11 59 PM Central Time in general credited the next business day payments generally positive using two to three business days so for example and then you will just see an estimator so cachet location fees where I debit card 12.99 credit card nine dollars fee so it's just depends what are you choosing usually if you're doing making like a standard transfer MoneyGram debit card is cheaper credit card more expensive here is vice versa credit card it has a cheaper fee so yeah but it's pretty convenient that from this MoneyGram app you can instantly make transfers like that so yeah that's basically the idea and hope that's helpful for you check out MoneyGram app it's it's pretty powerful very easy to use and one of the best apps to make either transfers or transfers to some other companies

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