here one so here's this app which is called bmi calculator weight loss so to install this up just tap cat um yeah and then confirm the touch id of ice id the size is 20 megabytes um there are 430 ratings so far uh so what is it so this bmi calculator can calculate your body mass index to find your ideal weight is the ideal companion for a weight loss program uh so bmi calculation for every seven years and older metric and imperial system are supported so it doesn't matter you can measure in centimeters inches so body mass index is defined as the body weight divided by the square of hate it provides a rough guide since bmi doesn't take any kind of person's build for the compositions so yeah so let's try it out so let's try to see how it works exactly so and then for example if i wait this [Music] and then i can just see what will be my normal weight in this category either for mild or female it doesn't change a lot but anyways that's that's about it that's the app um you will see either you're very severely underwrite severely underwrite normal or white obese class obese class two or b class three um so yeah that's about it you can remove ads and then all ads with one time purchase 0.99 but that's that's the app basically so the idea you need to keep in in be in the green area yeah so [Music] um [Music] and in the bottom i can see that normal weight would be like from 65 to 88 in my case but anyways you can just measure it if you have any other suggestions or comments about this app just leave it in the under this video                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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