Boo app - Dating. Friends. Chat - how to create an account?

here's interesting app boo dating friends chat so let's open it up and see how it works how to create an account and uh yup all of that so it's just 80 megabytes boo is therefore connected it's compatible like-minded souls dead chat match make friends and meet new people by personality we are your tour guide guides through the strange landscape of another heart and mind we use personality psychology to help you find days and friends that you effortlessly allow appreciate and understand you for who you naturally are so let's just open the app and then to create an account yeah three options google apple or phone number so then i can just sign in with apple and then you can send notifications and then you can just create your name what's your gender okay so let's try uh who you want to meet like for example and then you just select you can make friends around the world in conversations so is it a dating app or more like a video chat app so you can take personality tests and get this very accurate like okay so then let's just take a short quiz so to show you how this app works and which kind of questions you might get so something like that and then yeah it's just uh creates these types around entg or in tp like in the en like you know there are like 16 types or something so that's that [Music] and then it asks to share the app recommended personalities so it creates uh so then i just need to select my uh interests dimensions and then i can just upload photos you can add your description you can allow your location uh and then basically you can set up preferences uh you can in use coins you can translate so it's cool and then you can search powerapps send a like pass send a direct message so something like that so it's kind of like a tinder uh and then you need to complete your profile so that's the idea hope it is helpful that's how you create your account it's a new app so interesting to know your thoughts have you tried it or not it's just entered like you know some charts in the u.s i'm on like such top social media apps so that's that

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