BOOKSY APP - full tutorial

uh so here is buxy app so let's just go through it and see how it works i actually never used it before but i just noticed that it's growing in popularity uh and yeah a lot of people are using this app to book all the different services it can be health services or some beauty services like barber shop hair salon personal trainer chiropractic massage day spa beauty salon braids that do shops all of that so you can just book your services you can just search for some category um like near you i think this app is only available in the united states as far as i understand maybe a few other countries but not in europe as far as i discovered so for example if i want to see special offers you just go here and then you can just tap and there is like a some studios which you can see the prices then haircut like 30 dollars and then you can just book it leave a note uh at specific times you can save one percent at more popular times it's uh yeah so there are all kinds of different services here um so yeah i don't know if you require a payment uh so actually i don't know if uh here is my booking [Music] so then i can see schedule appointments and then i can also like cancel this appointment here but then i can see the uh you can give access to the calendar and then uh then you have this appointment added to your ical so on iphone it will be reflected so that's super cool experience of course i'm just i just created an account so i'm not sure if this booking will be confirmed but just imagine if you need to do haircut booking like in a normal way like for example uh you need to uh like you know get a phone number call that person like specify the time available and then you need to go to the place and just sometimes oh you don't accept credit cards or something and just need cash or something like that you don't have a cash or like yeah there can be so many scenarios uh but there you have it here you can just book it online and also i think the payment will be attached somehow so and then that's it so you just booked it took me like you see like 30 seconds i just book it's fight and i just come and do the the thing and then go home instead of like spending all these hours sometime on planning especially if you just arrived to the city or you're just traveling and you don't know where to do the haircut in the nearest point so you just need to go like do your research or ask friends or something like that so that's just my thoughts about it so here you just have payments and then you can just add payment card easily and that's about it so then you see your appointments you see your profile account details you can easily sign up just visio like google or apple id and then just add their phone number and and that should be it uh so that is the idea uh then you can just book again you can see your visited and favorites for example if i want to have personal trainer i won't like to specify i want to have it next tuesday for example anytime and then i can see like all the personal fitness trainers available in that area and then i can see all the reviews portfolio details so that's kind of interesting all the reviews here so yeah it's interesting interesting idea and it's used by by a lot of people so i hope hope this app is helpful thank you for watching

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