Boost for reddit - app overview

okay so here is boost for edits so what is that exactly so it's a better browser for reddit on android so it's not available on ios or iphones but it's available in google play so it's just a beautiful reddit app and designed to make browsing reddit uh easier so you can just yeah so you can have this really nice design multiple view modes so you can select different view modes per subreddit including cards slideshow compact lists and more it is customizable it supports advanced team customization so like search and discover there is support so this is how it can look like so different views uh different so yeah you can select all these different themes so this is how it looks like so that's the idea of it um so you can support you can have support for multiple user accounts in-app media previews content filters it's quite fast and all of that so yeah that's that for for ios there is something like apollo that's another browser it's available on ios so but not on google play store so this i think are two apps uh where you can really enjoy your edit on all these platforms

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