Bose Music app - how to create an account?

so here is Boss music app total control of your music which you can install and just use your touch ID or Vice ID the Boss music app lets you easily browse and control your favorite music from One or many post smart products it works with both home speaker 500 home speakers 300 all of these models you can see here they are part of a system of smart speaker sound bars amplifiers and headphones designed to work together for a better listening experience the app also works with a wide variety of products for listening on the Go including the boats now Wisconsin headphones um and yeah so this is the idea basically so yeah you can just open up the app and um yeah you need to give access to the Bluetooth uh so then you can just uh uh yeah and then you can just connect to a product either smart speaker sound bars um but yet you still need to have my Bose account to continue uh but yes this is a nice app like to include the speakers in your house or during holidays where you just want to set up some music and like all that that's like pretty cool um so yeah that's uh what you can do here um so that's basically the idea uh and then you can just create your account like this super easy to sign up with apple Facebook and all of that so super cool app actually if you if you own like both headphones which are pretty cool both speakers um and then yeah you can just set it up play Spotify play Apple music and spread it to to your speakers OneTouch access tele control get the most out of your headphones access to your favorite Voice Assistant um so yeah something like that hope that is helpful

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