BOSS REVOLUTION CALLING APP creating account & app overview

hello so here is this app which is called boss revolution calling app so yeah let's try to install it on my phone just to see how it works like what it is about yeah um so the idea is that you can save a lot of money up to 90 on international calls to family and friends uh so if you all have all this like boss revolution app uh you can just do like all these phone calls uh cheap calls to more than 200 countries including guatemala nigeria dominican republic honduras colombia um so yeah like you would ask why would you need that if you can just call your like facebook messenger or whatsapp for example um but this app is works with popular mobile carriers like in these countries like orange um and sometimes i guess the internet in some areas can be just not that good so yeah um you still need to call and you can't just do a call over wi-fi or 3g or for example you're on some trip in some remote area so yeah i guess that's the use case that's why you need this app and then here is how you create an account and then this your profile you invite friends you can just call from dialpad [Music] then you can just call them so that's kind of super cool and then you can just top up balance here you can add payment you can add card that's your profile um so that yeah you can just dial any number here you can select any country um you can start a group you can add a contact so yeah um so something like this so this is the app um this is the idea uh yeah if you have any other questions about it just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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