BOSS Revolution Calling app how to top up your account?

here there here is Boss Revolution calling app uh so how to how to top up account here so how to add funds so you can just tap add funds in the app and then yeah you can just add a Advance via credit debit card it's not possible to use PayPal and yeah you can also just tap camera icon and scan your cart and it's like Visa Mastercard Discover American Express are supported so micro Network are supported I'm not sure about some other Niche Card issues but there you have it that's basically how you top up you can recharge there are five dollars series uh 50 100 so that's basically that and then you can also tap to set automatic recharge in the top right right and you will now run out of talk time select an amount you would like to be added to your account when your balance Falls below three dollars so that's what you can do

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